If you are a traveler whose priority is to know the true essence of a country and have unforgettable experiences connecting with nature and the community, the Dominican Republic is your ideal destination.

The Dominican Republic offers travelers the ideal conditions for sustainable and diverse tourism. With environmentally friendly, respectful and responsible activities that also bring economic, social and cultural benefits to the tourism industry by acting in a conscious manner. The purpose of this type of tourism is that visitors to the country get to know more than just the sun and the beach.

The Dominican Republic has beautiful national parks, ecological reserves, rainforests, desert areas, cliffs, caves, waterfalls, among other beautiful landscapes. In fact, according to a study, this country has the highest number of happy people in Latin America.

There are many options to surrender to the beauty and adventures you can have, but with the least impact on the environment; activities that are focused on fun in the many green areas, but within the conservation of the environment and respect for local communities.

There is also a vast diversity of eco-hotels around the country with diverse landscapes and decorated with handcrafted articles made by local artisans that will make you feel in total connection with nature and its bounties.


Benefits of sustainable tourism:

Poverty reduction as it helps and the surrounding community.

Unemployment reduction.

Stimulation of economic growth.

Environmental protection through alliances.

Good use of natural resources.

Change of the tourism development model adapted to the vision of the future.

Other interesting places in the Dominican Republic are shown.